The House

The House

Wow, where to begin without making this a fifty page document? Seems as though I have so much to share and yet unsure where to start……

So let’s start where I am right now in the present. I am sure in future post I will back track many times but for my first post it’s the here and now my friends. The house. This is me.


Most days (I have only been here three weeks) this is how I feel for at least part of the day….. Yep, you get it right? How many times after getting something you really really wanted have you ask yourself WHAT WAS I THINKING? That’s me but then when I am surrounded by this……

That’s when I am reminded. That’s when I truly utterly get it. You see as a child I grew up in a very gypsy way of life landing wherever my father felt best for the moment with four brothers and sisters. My entire childhood we never lived anywhere more than a year but I knew someday, one day I would “arrive”. I am here now right where I am suppose to be. It took 53 years but I am here. Every single time I have moved I always knew it was in the temporary but now I want to stand on the hill and scream to the gods “Look at me, I made it, I am here!” A bit dramatic I know….

A farmhouse in the traditional sense of the word? Nope, nada, not to be found. I live in Florida so those old farmhouses on land that’s affordable for me were nowhere in sight and believe me I looked. So I found a perfectly imperfect rambling nondescript house. A house that needs every single surface touched. A lifetime project to be shared (more about that later) with other artists, friends, gypsies, alpacas and other four legged friends. My bohemian journey has begun (good, bad and ugly) I graciously invite you to be a part of it through this website, blog and my home.