Start, Stop, Go!

Start, Stop, Go!


We were officially open for 8 days before we had to rethink our strategy for Unfiltered.  We barely got our feet off the ground and had to say to our new friends, “wait a while longer.”  It has been a trial for all of us in this new global norm.  We, like all of you, are rethinking what is important, what is true, what will sustain us.  Now, I have to stop and say a great big, huge, “Thank You!” to all of you that have stuck by us in this time with your weekender orders, allowing us to test our menu, and different hours, and all the things, large and small, that make us, us.  You have been magnificent!  We love you so much!

Now for the good stuff!

We are thinking forward and in to the future in a big, loving, positive way!  We have started with our class schedule, and boy do we have some fun things lined up for you!  From Belly Dance to Yoga to sewing to painting to macrame to quilting to silver smithing, oh my!   And that’s just the beginning!  We plan to be a place you will want to visit over and again.  We want you to feel like you are visiting your best friends’s house.

But Wait, There’s More

Now I know that many of you have wanted to explore our second floor.  It’s so cool up there!  Our overflow seating, classroom and artists space lives up there!  Our second floor will be revealed in a big way at our grand opening.  We don’t have an official date to to share with you yet, but soon (I know, you have heard that before!).  Soon, my friends, soon.  Phew!  We have so much to share with you.  It will happen.

In the meantime, know that you are in our hearts and prayers here at Unfiltered and we will be getting back to some real fun very soon.  If you are looking for classes, Facebook Events will be the place to connect (along with in the store) regarding classes.  In the weeks to come, you will be getting some up close and personal info about our in house artists.  We want to you to get to know us.  We can’t wait to get to know you.

Sending you (socially distanced) hugs from the folks at Unfiltered!